What Are Single Payer Health Plans – Your Personal Health – Dr. Burris & Dr. Kim – 760-642-5549. Today Dr. Burris and Dr. Kim discuss “Single Payer Health Plans, and how they impact you and your family’s overall health and wellbeing and budgets. Make sure to like our page and hit the little bell, to be notified the next time a new live show airs. Health Evaluations Regular checkups and physicals are critical to staying healthy and active. Our doctors take the time to conduct comprehensive exams. Same Day Sick Visits: When your kids are sick, you need to see the doctor fast. Schedule same-day or next-day appointments so they get well soon. You shouldn’t have to worry about co-pays and complex insurance forms when your family needs care. Your health deserves personalized attention from a doctor who cares about you, not rushing to the next patient. By offering direct primary care, we can make decisions based on what’s best for you, rather than choosing only what’s covered by insurance. When you’re ready to get off the old medical treadmill, and make your health a priority, call 760-642-5549 today, and experience healthcare like you could only hope for. 760-642-5549

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