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You can find below a brief selection of direct primary care reviews and health success stories from our patients in Rancho Mirage and the greater Coachella Valley area.

Read what they have to say about the results they enjoyed using our direct primary care, improving their health, and living an active lifestyle.

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I have known Dr. Kim for a long time and he is a wonderful doctor who truly cares about his patent’s health and well being. For example, my 6-year-old daughter had been swimming all day and she said that she had swallowed a lot of water. She was coughing and said her throat was hurting. I was worried that that she may have been dealing with dry drowning, and I was very worried about her because I was not with her when she was swimming to know exactly how much water she may have swallowed. Unsure of her health, I contacted Dr. Kim to explain what was going on. He was able to help me and provided me with knowledge about dry drowning. I was so grateful I contacted Dr. Kim because I was no longer worried about my daughter, and I was able to enjoy an evening out with my wife instead of canceling our evening date to take my daughter to the ER or urgent care.
Tony B.

“Both of these amazing doctors are very knowledgeable, exhibit extreme professionalism and real sincerity. They put effort and concern into the need of each patient, creating a treatment plan that suits their needs. If you are looking for a doctor that will actually listen to you, look no more.”

Carmeshia S.

“Drs. Mike and Krista are amazing doctors and even better people. We have been blessed to be their patients and friends. It’s rare to find doctors who are willing to not only offer medical advice but also take the time to offer prayer as well for their patients.”

Jason and Michelle F.


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