You don’t need to be sick before selecting and visiting a doctor. When you have flu symptoms, a nagging headache, or a body rash, you need a qualified doctor for relief. Even if you think you might have contracted COVID-19, the best person to talk to is your primary care doctor.

How do you find and choose the best primary care doctor to take care of you and your family?

Before you begin your search, you must understand there are different types of primary doctors. This knowledge will help you make an informed decision when choosing a family physician.

What is a primary care doctor?

A person trained, certified, and licensed to carry out preventive care and manage your health. These health practitioners handle injuries and illnesses when they happen.

Essentially, primary care doctors do the following:

  • Conduct regular physical exams on a patient
  • Prescribe medications
  • Treat minor illnesses and injuries
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Screen for common health problems for early detection and prevention

The different types of primary care doctors include:

  1. Family medicine doctors
  2. Internal medicine-pediatric doctors
  3. Pediatricians
  4. Internal medicine doctors
  5. OB-GYNs

For a family with children, you will need a family medicine doctor. These primary care physicians are trained to care for both adults and children. They see babies, growing children, parents and grandparents.

Other types of primary care doctors specialize in different areas of family needs. Your family’s needs will guide your choice.

Tips to find and select a primary care doctor

  • Check with your insurance provider

If you hold an insurance policy, the best place to find the right family doctor is from your provider. Most insurance companies offer local healthcare provider information, within your network and without.

  • Consider what you want

Finding the right primary care doctor is similar to shopping. You need to identify your needs and wants, before you are in the store. Do you want one doctor for all of your medical needs? Or do you possibly need multiple types of medical care? You can also make decisions such as whether you feel more comfortable with a male or female physician, and what type of bedside manner you prefer.

  • Ask your trusted friends and family

Nothing beats a referral when finding the right doctor. However, you can ask friends and family you trust, for recommendations.

  • Read reviews

From the list of the doctors you have, take your time to check online for reviews on each one. Read their bios and see where they work or have worked. You can look at their background, their education, and the associations they belong to.

  • Research the doctor’s accessibility

It can be disappointing to have a doctor you can’t readily see when you need them. Health issues have no timetable. Is the doctor’s office far from your home, school, or office? Look for proximity and ease of access, for your primary care physician.

  • Arrange a meeting

Once you have a final list of possible doctors, arrange a meeting with each one. Your primary care doctor will be an important person in the lives of your family members. It’s a good idea to discover what your doctor/patient relationship will be like before you commit. You can arrange a brief phone call meeting or another means convenient for both of you.

A Rewarding Healthcare Relationship

There are inexhaustible ways of finding and selecting the right primary care doctor. Talking to a practitioner in the field and following these tips, will guide you on your search and selection. Choosing your family’s doctor should be a rewarding experience, meant to develop into a lifelong relationship between your loved ones and a trustworthy medical care provider.

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