Primary Care Physicians are the first line of defense against serious illness. They help us monitor, manage, and guard against sickness. With regular visits and checkups, they also help us to prioritize our daily health, in order to improve our longevity of life.

What exactly is a primary care physician (PCP)?

They are medical doctors trained to prevent, diagnose and treat all kinds of illnesses and injuries. These doctors address short-term, chronic, and long-term health issues, such as diabetes, bronchitis, cold and flu, allergies, etc.

Primary Care Physicians are usually the first point of contact in any healthcare system. Usually, they fall into one of two categories:

  • Family Medicine Doctors
  • Internal Medicine Doctors

Though both are Primary Care Physicians, they differ in the type of patients they see.

The Internal Medicine Doctors see only adult patients, while the Family Medicine Doctors treat all members of a family, from babies to the elderly.

What do Primary Care Physicians do?

PCPs monitor and manage family members’ health with regular checkups, as well as treating any minor, prolonged and many serious symptoms. They are full body doctors, and can treat (or refer to specialists, if necessary) issues such as aches and pains, skin, organ, diet, mobility, some hearing or vision problems, and overall wellbeing.

They serve as the link between the patient and the specialist doctors. In cases in which it’s necessary for specialists to treat a PCP’s patients, the family doctor is always there, monitoring the entire treatment, and can be a trusted source for further information or even reassurance.

How many panels (patients) does a primary care physician usually have?

Given their important roles in healthcare, PCPs can sometimes be overwhelmed by the number of patients they see.

To ensure improved access to healthcare, most PCPs accept about 1000 patients. Though the number may vary, a few are known to have closer to 2,500 panels.

Apart from seeing patients, PCPs handle telephone calls, review lab tests, imaging reports, consultation notes, and process prescription refills daily.

Due to their crucial roles in the healthcare system, PCPs spend considerable time both clinically with patients and on health management and administrative work.

What is the average number of patients they see daily?

As a result, the Primary Care Physicians have a limited number of patients they can accept to guarantee quality healthcare.

There is no clear standard as far as the number of patients a PCP must see daily. But for quality service, most primary doctors see between 20 and 25 patients on a daily basis.

The relationship an individual has with their PCP, is of utmost importance. Usually, a face time session with a PCP takes between 5 and 12 minutes, but of course, can vary based on severity of symptoms and complexity of treatment.

Shortage of primary care physicians across the US

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) estimated a shortage of between 21,400 and 55,200 primary care physicians in the US by 2023.

Health experts warn of an impending shortage of physicians. Currently, approximately over 100,000 people are without Primary Care Doctors and the number could grow.

It is important for a family to be proactive in finding a reputable PCP for themselves and their loved ones. As the saying goes, a healthy family is a wealthy family. It is best to have a doctor before one is needed.

Challenges with accessing primary care physicians in the US

There are several contributing factors to the challenges of accessing PCPs in the US, but uneven distribution of practitioners tops the list.

Many patients have long wait times to see a doctor. And lack of healthcare alternatives can plague some areas.

It can sometimes be difficult to receive medical help during widespread emergencies, due to the limited number of Primary Care Physicians. This can make receiving healthcare costly.

It is not advisable to rely solely on the traditional medical system, because of these challenges. Smart families will engage private Primary Care Physicians for prompt medical help when needed.

Best Alternative to choosing a primary care doctor

Though the traditional medical system strives to provide access to healthcare, needing on-demand medical attention requires choosing a reliable Primary Care Doctor.

The best alternative is a stress-free healthcare option that provides prompt and proactive medical services for the whole family.

Health issues do not send a notice before they strike. Only immediate access to a Primary Care Doctor can help mitigate a medical crisis.

The best PCP is one that offers same-day sick visits, unlimited visits, complete health evaluation, and is affordable.

Find a reliable PCP for you and your family today

One PCP option that offers personalized medical service to help families stay active and healthy, is the Coachella Valley Direct Primary Care Physicians, located at Rancho Mirage, CA.

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For one low monthly fee, you avoid waiting, office visit fees, and a referral network to all specialists necessary to meet your needs.

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