Which is Healthiest – Diet or Exercise?

Healthy living is every human’s priority and that includes you. The way we go about it depends upon the information we have. Ordinarily, diet and exercise are common knowledge, but which one is the most important for our health?


What does being healthy mean?

According to the World Health Organization, healthy is “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing – not just the absence of disease.”

Going by the WHO perception of “healthy”, one can safely say that health is a situation of feeling whole and content in body, mind and spirit. It is this feeling that will help us find the best route for overall health.


Between diet and exercise, which one gives the best results?

It’s best to understand that the question about healthy living regarding diet or exercise revolves around your lifestyle. 

Should you put more focus on diet or on exercise? Many people are torn between these activities in pursuit of a healthier life. Achieving wholesome health isn’t easy but you must have healthy habits to get there.

Some of the health issues most people face today, stem from the type of lifestyle they lead. By learning to eat healthily and exercising, they can turn back the hands of the clock.

As you know, the food you eat produces the calories you need. While your food intake gives the body energy it needs to function, it can also deplete or add unnecessary fat to your body if your diet is an unhealthy one. In such a situation, the best way to regulate body calories and tune up your body for optimal use of available energy is by exercising.

You need to understand that diet and exercise are not opposing choices, they are indeed complimentary! It is best to strike a useful balance between diet and exercise for a beneficial outcome.

Are you struggling with weight loss and trying to reshape your body to a healthier balance of strength and efficiency? You may have spent endless amounts of time seeking information on possible solutions without success. But what if you knew it was a simple balance between dieting and exercising?


What is dieting?

First, you need to understand that the word dieting came from diet – food and drink you consume regularly. The idea of “dieting” derived from the need to regulate the food and drink you intake. Of course, dieting for health is eating healthy. It could also be to prevent or treat an underlying health condition like obesity or diabetes.

If you are dieting to stay healthy, experts will all tell you to also exercise to balance the other end of the health chain. Eating without burning calories through exercise, is akin to filling a trash can without ever emptying. The best way to empty your body of excess calories is through the process of metabolism facilitated by exercising.


What is exercising?

Engaging in physical activities whether planned or not, conditions our bodies for optimum performance. Exercising increases our heartrate and elevates our lung capacity as well as causes us to sweat and release toxins. Physical activity conditions how the body converts the food we eat into energy. Essentially, exercising helps your body’s metabolism to function appropriately.


Why should you invest time in diet and exercise?

It could be said that diet and exercise are partners. Humans naturally engage in both. When the early people worked the field to find food, they exercised in the process.

However, in modern days, our lifestyles have changed. 

We leave home for work in cars. At work, we sit all day behind a computer. Thus, we spend time sitting without activity to burn the calories. The effects of dieting without exercising, therefore, are mounting health issues. An available report on obesity in America is alarming regarding the fallout from lack of exercising! 

Of course, you need to invest in a healthy diet to keep the doctor away but you also need to exercise. Dieting without exercising is collecting value with one hand and throwing it away with the other.

Between diet and exercise, what will give you the best return?

In conclusion, you need both diet and exercise for healthy living. You should invest in a healthy diet as a first rule. Similarly, you should make time to exercise.

However, the best way to ensure that you stay healthy is to develop a regular checkup lifestyle habit. If you haven’t already, find a primary care physician around you for a checkup. Since you can’t give what you don’t have, I suggest you talk to your doctor about what diet and exercise you need.

Stay healthy!

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