Health is wealth, and a good Primary Care Physician is needed to help maintain it.

It might appear as though there is an abundance of family doctors to choose from, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find a good one.

Getting to know your primary care physician is an important personal health decision. If you know what makes a good doctor, you’ll find it easier to choose the best one for your family.

A Primary Care Physician is a family doctor.

They help with almost everything relating to family health. If you are new to the subject, you can read these previous articles: “What is a primary care physician” and “How to Find and Select a Primary Care Doctor.”

As a professional, a primary care doctor offers personalized healthcare services. The fact that they are personalized, means the doctor will build a relationship with you. They will study your family’s medical history and be able to help prevent future health issues for all family members.

There may be times when a specialist is needed, and your family’s primary care physician will help manage those situations. Your doctor will know when to refer you, and be able to guide you to the specialist best for your family.

In “Your Personal Health with Dr. Burris and Dr. Kim” on YouTube, Jeff Harrison engaged the Coachella Valley Direct PCP practitioners on What Makes a Good Primary Care Physician. Jeff’s discussion with Dr. Burris and Dr. Kim talk about two main factors in finding the right primary care physician for your family – Accessibility and Relationship Building.

Accessibility to your Primary Care Physician

According to both Dr. Kim and Dr. Burris, health insurance companies often put unnecessary restrictions on family doctors. Physicians must work within insurance companies’ strict guidelines, which means high patient load sizes per doctor, and less time and attention per patient. This can make reaching a doctor when needed, very difficult. Insurance companies’ reimbursement restrictions also encourage many doctor offices to refuse virtual treatment, requiring patients to come into the office.

Coachella Valley Direct Primary Care has a Reimbursement Membership Model, which leads to predictable healthcare costs for the patients. As Dr. Burris explains, this allows them to spend more time with their patients, be available to them when needed, and allows them to work for the patient, as opposed to working for the insurance companies.


Relationship Building

A personal connection with a PCP may be the most important part of a long-term doctor/patient relationship. A good family doctor is one with a listening ear, patience, and accessibility. Your family deserves a doctor who will be available when you need them, and will forge a bond with each family member, in order to offer your family the best treatment.

A Direct Primary Care Physician facility, like Coachella Valley DPC, can give families a peace of mind when it comes to their health.

What is a Direct Primary Care Physician?

Direct Primary Care facilities are designed to bring humanity into the healthcare system.

The essence of healthcare is helping humans stay healthy. Therefore, a facility where the patient can have a one-on-one relationship with the doctor, without restrictive bureaucracies, can serve your family in the most desirable way.


How do I find a Direct Primary Care Physician?

To find a Direct Primary Care Physician, you can do a local search online for a “Direct Primary Care Physician near me.” If you live in Coachella Valley and you type: “Primary Care Physician Coachella Valley,” you’ll find the Coachella Valley DPC on the list.

About Coachella Valley DPC 

The Coachella Valley DPC is managed by seasoned Primary Care Physicians – Dr. Kim and Dr. Burris. Their years of experience and personal commitment to their patients make them unique family healthcare managers.

The facility offers a monthly membership program for the busy Coachella Valley families to access to direct primary healthcare services, in order to stay healthy and active.


A primary care physician aims to give every family access to premium healthcare services with a personal touch. The option to achieve holistic health for the whole family is the DPC!

Coachella Valley Direct Primary Care Physicians, located in Rancho Mirage California, and serving the entire Coachella Valley, for all their primary healthcare needs.  Offering in office, and virtual appointments. The membership program allows you to have full access, without long waiting, high unexpected healthcare costs, and doctors who work with you to help you live the best optimum life possible.

For one low monthly fee, you avoid waiting, office visit fees, and a referral network to all specialists necessary to meet your needs.

Our website – https://coachellavalleydpc.com/

Call us direct 760-642-5549

Serving Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio, and Coachella.

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