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Many people are increasingly frustrated with the traditional healthcare systems, which require long-waiting times for an appointment. Besides, conventional healthcare systems come with never-ending hassle with insurance companies.
Fortunately, direct primary care is a great alternative. The membership-based health care plan does not work with third-party payers and provides a predictable monthly fee. Besides, patients receive unlimited access to a primary care doctor they trust.
Are you looking for direct primary care in Palm Springs, CA? Welcome to Coachella Valley Direct Primary Care (CVDPC).
We offer an alternative to the current healthcare industry status quo. CVDPC commits to creating a healthcare system where physicians are happy. Patients receive the healthcare they need at pocket-friendly costs.
As Coachella Valley’s most reliable direct primary care, CVDPC commits to turning the unreliable healthcare industry into something predictable, transparent, and affordable for everyone.
We know many people are searching for a primary care physician, and Coachella Valley Direct Primary Care can help.

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What We Do

CVDPC offers access to a family doctor when you need it to keep Palm Spring’s families as healthy as possible. Thus, you do not have to neglect your family’s health because you are worried about insurance coverage. At CVDPC, we provide personalized health care and attention to our members.
Book an appointment and begin your journey to a healthy self.

Comprehensive Health Evaluations in Palm springs

Medical evaluation is an essential step to wellness. Complete diagnostic evaluations assess all aspects of a person’s health, including a comprehensive physical examination.
Besides, our members have an opportunity to discuss their lifestyle choices and habits with our qualified primary care physician.
You do not have to be sick or have any other health problem to book a comprehensive medical evaluation at Coachella Valley Direct Primary Care.
The appointment merely covers a person’s overall health, an essential step in preventing care and managing potential health issues.
We advise our members to book a comprehensive medical evaluation at least once a year to stay on top of health and continually monitor arising health problems.

Same-day sick visits

It would help if you saw a doctor quickly when your child has nausea, fever, and vomiting. Otherwise, your doctor may suffer severe dehydration if you do not see the doctor.
At Coachella Valley Direct Primary Care, we guarantee you quick access to a family doctor with no wait days or weeks of an appointment.
Besides, our direct primary care offers a personalized approach so you can book to see the primary care doctor for same-day sick visits.
When you choose CVDPC, it is easy to see a primary care physician at an affordable cost and in a less crowded room. If you are not available for one-on-one physical consultation, you still have access to our family doctor through a telephone call.
For fast access to excellent healthcare that helps you and your family heal, rely on our physicians and doctors for advice and same-day visits when needed.

Unlimited Visits to Your Family Doctor

Coachella Valley direct primary care is membership-based. Thus, doctors have fewer patient visits so you can spend more time with your family doctor.
Besides, members can schedule unlimited consultations and enjoy personalized, individualized healthcare they will not want on traditional healthcare methods.
Patients can access video chat and telephone-based consultation to ensure convenience and ease of booking health care appointments. You can text your medical questions to our direct primary care doctor and receive timely responses.
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Affordable Direct Primary Care in Coachella Valley

Since your health care under CVDPC is prepaid, you will not have any unexpected fees to consider. With traditional healthcare, patients pay an additional cost with every follow-up.
However, you can schedule your basic lab or radiology tests at a reduced cost.

Our Approach

We believe everyone should have a personalized relationship with their preferred primary care physician. In that regard, we have defined three simple steps so you can access quality health care when needed.

Step1. Schedule Free Consultation
On your initial visit to our direct primary care facility, you will meet our family doctor, who will guide you in choosing a monthly membership that is a good fit for you. Step2. Pay a Flat Fee For All Health Services You Need
You then pay the agreed fees upon choosing the appropriate monthly membership program based on your healthcare needs. With the membership plan, you have assured quality health services, including preventive care, at a flat fee. Step3. Enjoy Health Care When You Need It
To live a healthier life, you should be able to access medical services on demand. Coachella Valley Direct Primary Care will ensure you enjoy the care you need. Therefore, you do not need to put your health in jeopardy.

Benefits Of Choosing Direct Primary Care in Palm Springs, CA

With CVDPC, you benefit from the following:
• Knowing ahead of time how much your primary health care costs
• Members enjoy a more relaxed and streamlined healthcare experience
• Access to a productive and enduring doctor-patient relationship
• Telemedicine consultations through voice, video conferencing, and SMS texts
Coachella Valley Direct Primary Care offers multiple benefits to the members. Book a free consultation today.
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About Palm Springs California

Palm Springs is a desert resort city in Riverside County, CA. Within the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs is famous for its unique hot springs, hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and fantastic sunny weather.
According to payscale.com, Palm Spring’s cost of living is 22% higher than the national average. The report showed that Palm Springs’s median home price is $571,694, with a median rent of $1,746.
The greater Palm Springs is bursting with mother nature’s bounty. You will find legions of date trees, corn fields, garlic grown in massive areas and a wide variety of food crops.

Palm Spring Tourist Attractions

Tourism is one of Palm Springs’s largest employers and a top contributor to the local economy. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Palm Springs

• The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

The Tramway is Constructed in the rugged Chino Canyon on the Northern edge of Palm springs. The aerial Tramway was an engineering challenge, then labeled the “eighth wonder of the world” due to the use of helicopters in its construction process. the inaugural ride was in 1963. In the late 90s, the Tramway experienced a modern facelift that featured the introduction of rotating tram cars.

• Palm Springs Art Museum

Located in downtown Palm Springs, the art museum offers compelling art exhibitions from national and international artists. Founded in 1938, the art museum has continually gained greater focus locally and internationally.

• Casinos

Casinos and gambling in greater Palm springs have attracted visitors significantly. Some of the top casinos in Palm Springs are:
• Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs
• Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
• Red Earth Casino
The best time to visit Palm Springs is between January and April when the weather is good.

Palm springs Chamber of Commerce

The Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce promotes business in Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley. Therefore, the chamber organizes events where members can network effectively, participate in education programs, and participate in community programs.

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